Louvre and Uffizi recreated: Oil Painting Reproductions of Masterpieces

Posted on Apr 10, 2013

Nothing makes an art connoisseur quite as proud as as owning beautiful replicas of the paintings of his favourite artists. We at My Life Portrait recreate the creations of old mastersĀ  into mesmerizing oil painting reproductions. The oil painting reproductions are 100% hand painted , created by our in-house artists, maintaining the museum-quality that is required of good replicas.

Replica in the truest sense

Our expert artists bring years of experience and skills, their adroit hands capable of creating the oil painting reproductions of your favorite art pieces, stroke by stroke, layer by layer. The responsibility of recreating a world renowned painting is immense, and they shoulder it with great love, care and sense.

The results are yours to see once you install the oil painting reproduction of a Gogh, Vinci and Dali in your living room or bedroom. Not only they bring a classic aura to the room, but also become the talking point for every visitor to the home. Art makes for great conversations after all!

High quality oil painting reproductions at affordable prices

Our oil painting reproductions are genuine, painted according to the hues, strokes and textures of the originals. However this doesn’t mean that these oil painting reproductions will create a huge hole in your pocket. Extremely affordable, these paintings also make for great personalized gifts for someone who is an art aficionado. Here are two of our recent paintings; Fishing in Spring by Vincent Van Gogh & Field of Poppies by Claude Monet.Fishing in Spring,Vincent Van Gogh

Field of Poppies by Claude Monet

We ship our paintings(including personalized gifts orders) across the world. Maintaining highest quality in packaging and logistics ensure that you receive your awaited oil painting reproduction in just the perfect way that you expect it be.

The registration page follows through small steps, and you will be guided intuitively. So bring the museum to your home. Commission your favorite painting today!

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