Personalized gifts for all occasions and times

Posted on Apr 1, 2013

Bored with cutlery, pen sets and the same old gifts that make you cringe just as much as the receiver?

With My Life Portrait, you have a novel way of gifting this season.
We turn photographs into beautiful portrait paintings. At the hands of our expert artists, we carefully translate a photo to portrait, while maintaining the soul and essence of the subject, rather in ways enhancing it.

Show the love and warmth for those whom you care for, with their beautiful and unique portrait paintings.

What can you gift this season? Let’s look at some very real possibilities:

Your sibling’s daughter turns one

While everyone gifts the little one dresses she will never wear, toys she will never play with, and tacky art pieces that will only clutter the room, you gift her something that stands out. A personalized photo to portrait adaptation, just like this…


The sketch will adorn her room through the years as she grows, reminder of how pretty she looked . Something that she and her parents will cherish forever. Thoughtful right?


Your parents celebrate their 25th marriage anniversary

What better occasion to gift something as memorable and cumulative in representation of their long togetherness. Pick one of their happy pictures and our expert artists will recreate it to make a wonderful portrait painting. Just like this…


Show that you care

This Mother’s day express your love in more than just a gesture. For all the love and care you got all these years from your mother, a photo to portrait adaptation like this, will be the perfect way to show back your love and gratitude of you with your mother, to strengthen the bonds, and bring her closer to you..


At the beginning of next innings

The most thoughtful personalized gifts are meant for life’s major milestones. Just like retirement. Capture the end of a glorious career and celebrate the beginning of the next phase than a glimpse from the illustrative career! A portrait painting like this will be a candid reminder of that, something which will be cherished forever.


These are just possible occasions. There could be so many more! Graduation ceremonies, marriages, Valentine’s day, Teacher’s Day, the list of days and ways to bring a smile to a loved one are endless. All you have to do is let your runs run amok and think. Be innovative! We at My Life Portrait, promise to bring them to reality, in 100% hand-painted photo to portrait adaptations.

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