An hand-painted portrait painting masterpiece for My Piyush Pandey

Posted on May 21, 2013

He is a name in advertising that needs no formal introduction. Recognized and adulated beyond his immediate circle, his campaigns have created more than just noise, and have gone on to win golds after golds, Creative Abbys, Clios. And not without commercial success, he has built brands that have become eponymous with the product. Meet Piyush Pandey, Executive Chairman & NCD of Ogilvy and Mather. We recently gifted him a Photo to Portrait painting created in our studio and India’s most loved copywriter loved the oil on canvas portrait!

photo-piyush with frame

The Portrait Painting has Mr. Pandey laughing heartily, indeed like how he is in real life, full of zest and creative energy. The artist team at My Life Portrait put great attention to every detail, going the extra mile to replicate not just the photograph but also his character and aura. And certainly the portrait was liked by not only Mr. Pandey but others around whom, who concurred that the photo to portrait reflected Piyush’s personality.

Candid Photo to Portrait paintings for your walls

Did you ever get that really good photo, however, and think, “this would make a wonderful painting,” if only you were good enough to make it into one?  My Life Portrait has a team of highly skilled and talented artists on staff who can reproduce your photo on canvas, capturing all of the ambiance of the moment in a genuine, professionally painted portrait.

Such candid portraits need considerable artistic expertise and understanding of portrait making. Our team of expert artisans creates such photo to portraits for clients from across the globe. Whether you want a portrait of yours, or oil painting reproductions of your favourite painters, at My Life Portrait we create that perfect piece to adorn your wall. Or if you have a gift in your mind for your loved ones, we will also craft that perfect personalized gift.

As this portrait adorns his walls, we are glad having given a small creative token to this creative genius. A great day for My Life Portrait. To order your photo to portrait painting or any other form of photo adaptation- pop art, photo to canvas or portrait paintings, go through the simple registration process, and we will have your request produced and shipped to any location in the world.

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