Recreating your memories into Portrait Paintings

Posted on Mar 25, 2013

A picture speaks a thousand words. But a portrait painting captures the essence of those thousand words even more vividly, in the form of a candid depiction on an artist’s canvas. We at My Life Portrait create such fascinating art pieces for our clients, transforming their given photo to portrait forms.

What kind of photographs should be made into portrait paintings?

This is a question that we often encounter from our customers. Our reply is anything. If you love a picture well enough to want to make it into a portrait painting, we will surely be able to give back the same love and attention to thus create one. For a photo to portrait artwork, the photograph should be clear, well-composed and not too noisy. Rest you can be assured that any picture you give can be made into a portrait painting. Photographs of your loved ones, family, friends or pets, At My Life Portrait we create striking portrait paintings out of them for very affordable charges. It can be a special occasion or just a slice from your life. It can be either for yourself or be given as a gift.

The strokes of genius: Our Portrait painting artists

The most difficult aspect about adapting a photo to portrait is to bring out a realistic portraiture . This is where the skill-set of the artist is of crucial importance in lending credibility to the workmanship. A good portrait painting always has a very palpable “humanness” to it, something that can only be created by an adept and experienced. Our team of expert artists with years of expertise of rendering photo to portraits will create the perfect portraiture of your favourite pictures.

Shipped across the globe

We ship products to all continents. The authenticity and perfection of the portraiture being a promise, you don’t have to worry about any transportation damage. We take maximum caution in packaging and logistics, keeping in mind the fragility of a portrait painting. In the rare impossible situation that you receive a product with an issue, our customer service is just a call away!

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